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Delphi – Thermopylae – Arachova

If you want to visit a nearby destination of particular archaeological and historical interest, then Delphi is ideal.

The area is known for its famous oracle, which was a very popular destination in antiquity due to its pristine Pythia and its oracles.

Besides its historical interest, the area has many other natural beauties.

Before Delphi we will make a stop at Thermopylae, known from the battle that took place in 480 BC. The name of the area comes from the sources of hot water in the area.

Finally, the route will end with a visit to the coastal town of Itea or the traditional village of Arachova, according to the destination of your choice, where we will have the chance to taste the local cuisine as well as sample the fine local wines.

* The whole trip will take about 9 hours.

* Our prices include all legal surcharges and taxes (fuel, luggage, tolls)

* Lunch, drinks and entrance tickets for museums/archaeological sites, are not included in the original price.

Price: 280€ (1-3 persons).
Extra persons after 3rd: +20€ per person (4-6).