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Corinth – Epidauros – Mycenae – Nafplio

On this trip you will be able to enjoy some of the most important sights of the Peloponnese.

Specifically, our first stop will be at the Corinth Canal where we will have plenty of time to admire this impressive construction and photograph the landscape.

Then we will head to ancient Corinthia, a city of historical and religious heritage. This major city-state of the classical era held a leading position during the Persian Wars. During the Roman period St. Paul visited the place to carry out Christian teaching and today a brilliant temple in his honor can be seen.

Our next stop is the famous theater of antiquity, the ancient Theater of Epidaurus, which is known for its acoustics and aesthetics and is one of the most well-preserved theaters of its time.

Our next destination is the cosmopolitan city of Nafplio where visitors can have lunch and walk along the beautiful streets.

The final destination on our trip is ancient Mycenae. The town that has been inhabited since the Neolithic era is distinguished by its imposing fortifications, part of which contains oversized boulders that remain in excellent condition.

The total trip will take about 8 hours.

* Our prices include all legal surcharges and taxes (fuel, luggage, tolls)

* Lunch, drinks and entrance tickets for museums/archaeological sites, are not included in the original price.

Price: 290€ (1-3 persons).
Extra persons after 3rd: +20€ per person (4-6).